Endless Days of Summer: Poolside in Palm Desert

Well, the last six months have been a blur of BBQ, food trucks, catering gigs and events, working around the clock, and on and on… and while I haven’t had much time to dedicate to my food porn rants, I have still managed to squeeze in a few great meals, happy hours that kick ass and a relaxing week in Palm Desert.

I won’t go into too many details about the six month blur, but that week in Palm Desert was pretty fantastic and packed to the gills with sunshine, palm trees and poolside happy hour, which, I’m not going to lie, was definitely not limited to only one hour a day. While we would have much preferred to visit The Desert a few months ago, work and life didn’t permit an earlier trip, so we booked our flights knowing that it was going to be hotter than hell and had every intention of filling our time with refreshing libations and great food instead.

Every visit to The Desert starts with a walk-about around the condo property to scope out which citrus trees are offering the best, and most ripe fruit–whether it be grapefruit, lemons or limes–if it’s juicy, we’ll build a cocktail around it. This time around, we had grapefruit, and they were, by far, the sweetest, most flavorful grapefruit I have ever tasted. Maybe it’s the vodka talking, but this fruit is what inspired us to create a “Top Three Cocktails of The Desert” this trip. Without further ado…

Top Three Cocktails of The Desert 2015:
1. A Fresh Squeezed Greyhound by the pool–Nothing beats sweet, fresh squeezed grapefruit carefully mixed with your favorite vodka and ice in a frosty mug. Nothing. And the fact that it was poolside in 112 degree weather with palm trees swaying in the breeze didn’t hurt.

2. The Classic Mai Tai at Tonga Hut (Palm Springs)–The Mai Tai’s at the Tonga Hut in Palm Springs are the epitome of classic cocktails in a retro Tiki Bar atmosphere. Bartender John shakes a mean drink and as the Don Ho croons in the background, you can’t help but slip back in time with each sip of the perfectly balanced rum libation.

3. The Raspberry Mojito at Tommy Bahamas (Palm Desert)–Fresh raspberries and mint muddled to perfection with all your typical Mojito, rummy goodness was a much needed refreshment during those three digit days. The only thing missing was sand in our toes and Jimmy Buffet singing in the background.


With happy hour still fresh on my mind, I sit here writing this post back home on the deck, sunshine on my face, and a fresh Greyhound in my hand. The last of the grapefruit we carefully transported home in our luggage has now been exhausted and I do believe it is time to plan another trip…


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