Happy National Deviled Egg Day!

I love that there is a special day dedicated to celebrating Deviled Eggs. Who would have guessed this deliciously creamy, eggy snack would have earned its own place on a celebratory calendar in the company of such delectable treats as donuts or pies?!

Unbeknownst by many, deviled eggs actually originated in Rome, Italy, and were prepared in the common style we know today by hard-boiling the eggs and seasoning them with spicy sauces. They were often called “stuffed eggs” or “dressed eggs” throughout history, and managed to nestle their way into classic Southern cooking sometime in the mid-19th century. There are many variations of this devilish recipe, but all tend to follow the basic technique created centuries ago.

My love for deviled eggs goes way back to when I was a little girl. My Nanny would make these delicious little treats for every family get-together, and I would always sneak one or two off the tray before they even hit the table. Her old school, basic Southern recipe encompassed everything you would expect from a deviled egg–slightly tangy, extremely creamy and dusted with a smokey red paprika.

Reminiscing on our last trip to San Francisco, Eric and I shared a fantastic meal at the Wayfare Tavern and one of our favorite dishes there was the Honey Mustard Deviled Eggs with Ham and Candied Pumpkin garnished with fried brussels sprouts. They were absolutely AMAZING! The depth of flavor in these creamy little morsels of eggy goodness was unbeatable, and in our book, a prize winning champion deviled egg!


In honor of National Deviled Egg Day, Eric has again outdone himself and created a sampling of deviled eggs for us to indulge in. He made a Jalapeño and Bacon Deviled Egg that tastes exactly as it sounds–spicy, salty bacony-goodness all wrapped up in egg form. Everything is better with bacon in my book. Especially when it’s the homemade smoked bacon Eric made from the pig we raised and butchered at the beginning of the year!

Eric also made a Classic Deviled Egg with Capers and Kalamata Olives that has the perfect hint of Horseradish. The blend of salty with the slightly sweet, creamy egg mixture is devine! And the little kick from the horseradish lights up your mouth like the Fourth of July! I can’t seem to stop eating them!

Because deviled eggs deserve to be showcased in only the finest manner possible, Eric and I invested in these beautiful authentic Mexican Talavera Deviled Egg Trays the last time we visited Mexico. We now import them, along with an entire line of Talavera Pottery, and have them for sale in our shop on Amazon. All of the pieces are hand-painted in Puebla, Mexico, and embody all the classic charm of Mexican Talavera. They add such an elegant, authentic Mexican charm to any kitchen, we just had to share! Visit Wanderlust Wares to see the entire collection of Talavera pottery we have available.


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