Chilly Days Filled with Coffee and Cake

Nothing says fall or winter like a day spent cozied-up inside, Christmas tunes blaring, with something sweet baking in the oven. My favorite thing to do on a nice, cold day is to test out new recipes I have been collecting for the upcoming holidays, spending the entire day just puttering around the kitchen. I take my time making a fresh French Press of my favorite coffee and then I begin collecting my ingredients…

This year, I came across a recipe for a Slavic Layered Strudel Cake called Prekmurska Gibanica in the November issue of Saveur. It sounded delightful with multiple layers of delicate pastry stuffed with poppy seed, walnut, cheese and apple fillings. Apparently the layered cake is a very traditional, famous dish in Slovenia, and was originally created to showcase the local bounties of its agriculture. So, after hours of preparation and assembling this very time-intensive cake, I popped it in the oven and waited for the magic to happen.

Slavic Layered Strudel Cake

While the cake turned out absolutely beautifully, it did not live up to my hopeful expectations. When I make something that is such a labor of love, I expect the deliciousness to be exponential in terms of time I have put into it. Unfortunately, this one fell a little short. Don’t get me wrong, I still ate it! It just wasn’t as spectacular as I was hoping for…

Coffee and cake really are the best way to stay warm on a cold, wintery day.

Lucky for me though, I thoroughly enjoyed my morning puttering around the kitchen, sipping a lovely cup of coffee and getting in the holiday spirit! I was also able to spend a little time working on a few Christmas presents, like the Recycled Starbucks Coffee Zippered Pouches pictured here. Each pouch is made from a repurposed one pound Starbucks coffee bag and they make great gifts or stocking stuffers! Visit MISC Root on Etsy to purchase one for yourself or a friend.

These Repurposed Starbucks Zipper Pouches make great stocking stuffers!

One thought on “Chilly Days Filled with Coffee and Cake

  1. Ditto on the intensiveness of a project. It needs to live up to all the labor put into it. 🙂 The cake looks lovely and delicious, however.


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