About Us

Welcome to The Curiously Hungry Traveler, an online hub inspired by travels to the far corners of the world and the wonderful cultures and food experienced along the way. Created by avid travelers and self-proclaimed foodies, Eric and Michelle, it tells the tales of the places they visit as well as the unique and often handmade treasures they bring home to share.

Michelle works as a supervisor for Starbucks and studied Marketing Management at Western Governor’s University. Eric is a self-taught chef and Texas style BBQ Master and owns and operates a very successful food truck that goes by the name of Outlaws BBQ. The dynamic duo lives in the wonderfully rainy state of Washington with their 5-year old spoiled Rottenweiler, Mikka. Among other things, they share a passion for traveling, cooking, and of course, eating. Whether it’s 14-days in Southeast Asia or two days in San Francisco, they love to see the sights of the world, and more importantly, indulge in the amazing culinary scenery.

Join them as they share their stories and traveling experiences here on the colorful pages of The Curiously Hungry Traveler…



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